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Emerald Dragon Martial Arts is an authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Training centre. Our programs in traditional shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, will increase your physical fitness and mental capacity, and enhance spiritual awareness.  

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Benefits of Kids Martial Arts and Self Defence Classes in Penrith

Children can teach us so many things. They have a sense of wonder that we seem to lose somewhere along the way. We need to work as hard as we can to instil a sense of discipline and self-respect in our kids from an early age so we know they will grow up with a solid foundation for the future—but it is our responsibility to ensure they never give up that sense of wonder along the way.

Join us to help your kids enjoy the lifelong benefits and joy of learning martial arts and self defence in Penrith. You may soon find you want to get involved in a martial arts practice yourself.

Benefits of Kids Martial Arts in Penrith

Teaching children martial arts can be invaluable as they grow up. At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts, we have Kids Kung Fu classes for ages seven to ten as well as options for younger and older participants.

Kids martial arts in Penrith have many benefits that can serve children for a lifetime, including the following:

  • Taking a martial arts class in Penrith focuses on individual growth, not competing. There is no pressure to win or be the best when learning martial arts. Classes focus on the betterment of each child, giving them a sense of focus and self-confidence.
  • Attainable goals are essential for the development of a child’s sense of responsibility. When kids understand reaching each new skill level is all up to them, they work harder, because achieving that new level is an accomplishment they can be proud of.
  • It emphasises self-control and concentration. Many kids these days find it difficult to concentrate in school or maintain the self-control necessary to do homework or study. Martial arts teach them that to move correctly and advance, they need to stay focused and listen.
  • Martial arts can be a safe outlet for all that excess energy children build up sitting in a classroom all day. It gives them something productive to do to work off all their pent-up intensity in a safe, accepting environment.

Self Defence Options

At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts, we also offer self defence classes in Penrith. Self defence is an essential skill for children and for adults. We always have to be on alert to keep ourselves and our families protected, so instead of being afraid of what could happen, become prepared for any eventuality. Increase your awareness of your surroundings boast your sense of self-confidence, learn something new, improve balance, and, as an added benefit, get in a fantastic workout.

Increasing your self-discipline at any age is a good idea. Train your mind and body to be alert and safe at all times. You won’t have to be afraid if you know how to handle any situation without hesitation. It’s never too early or too late to train your brain and body. You and your family can get started today.

At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts, we pride ourselves on building confidence, awareness, strength, concentration, and safety. For more information on our classes, contact us and get yourself and your children started on a path that can only lead to good things. Enjoy the benefits of fun and fitness for all ages.

Benefits of Doing Kung Fu and Tai Chi Classes in Western Sydney

Shaolin Kung Fu has been around for over fifteen hundred years and is a widely known form of martial arts. Originating from the Henan province in China, Shaolin monks in monasteries developed kung fu as a way to connect with one’s body and mind, and to help strengthen both. Throughout its long history it has been shaped and formed into a formidable style of self-defence, while still embodying the principles that began this noble discipline. Other than the benefits of increasing one’s physical health, Shaolin Kung Fu can help to add discipline and offer guidance in regulating your life; we have also found that practising Kung Fu can help with stress release and management.

The Teachings of Shaolin Kung Fu for the Western Sydney residents

To understand how Shaolin Kung Fu can help you, you first need to understand what this martial art is and how it is taught. There are three pillars of Shaolin Kung Fu: Chan, Wu and Yi – they are the mind, the body and the heart (or even spirit). At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts we offer kung fu classes for western Sydney locals and they are for people of all ages and fitness levels; we have many different programs which range from beginner through to experienced fighters. We will show you that through the discipline of kung fu you can gain more confidence and take what you have learned and apply it to every aspect of your life.

Six Week Beginner Tai Chi Classes

Along with our Kung Fu programs, we also offer a beginner Tai Chi class. Tai Chi is a teaching that makes use of fluid, regulated movement and controlled breathing to aid in mind and body coordination and productivity. The incredible aspect of Tai Chi is that it is possible for anyone and everyone, all that is necessary for training and practising Tai Chi is a mind that is willing to learn and a body that is willing to work hard and commit. Classes for tai chi in western Sydney will assist in reducing stress levels for those who participate. Tai Chi is a notable meditation technique in China and is used as a physical work out, while simultaneously releasing stress and increasing the chances of obtaining a relaxed state of mind.

The Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Community

When taking on a new student we ensure that they have our full attention, we teach discipline, respect, honour and other life skills that will stay with you from the minute your first lesson starts to the end of your winning black belt sparring match. Emerald Dragon Martial Arts have genuine Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Classes for any Western Sydney resident. Our teachings are done in the kind of environment you will feel right at home in because we are secure, welcoming and willing to commit if you are ready to as well. Contact us today to found out when your first class starts.

The Benefits Behind Martial Arts and Self Defence Classes in Western Sydney for All Ages

If you are interested in learning martial arts in Western Sydney, Emerald Dragon Martial Arts wants to help you experience the lifelong benefits of this practice for students of all ages. Find different types of martial arts and self defence and explore their benefits for both mind and body. Types of Martial Arts We Offer At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts, we are proud to offer Tai Chi (the ancient Chinese art of relaxation and self defence), Qigong (also known as energy work, a system of self-healing and health care to correct imbalances and blockages in your Qi), and Lion Dancing along with our kids, youth, and adult martial arts classes in Western Sydney. We teach Shaolin Kung Fu, which has a 1500-year history and is considered the source point of martial arts. Developed in the Shaolin monastery by monks for maintaining good health, this practice transformed into a method of self defence for the monks’ personal protection and to keep the Shaolin Temple safe. This practice still offers immense benefits to students in Western Sydney today.

Top 5 Benefits of Self Defence Classes in Western Sydney

  • Self Discipline: Training yourself to be more disciplined can benefit you not only as a form of self defence training but also in everyday life. rTo properly learn self defence, you must be dedicated, and you must keep practising. This is where your self discipline will come in. If you are feeling unmotivated, you will learn to motivate yourself from within. If you don’t, this practice won’t mean a thing.
  • Confidence Building: When you train in self defence, you will develop a keen sense of your surroundings. This skill can be especially beneficial to women who feel uncomfortable in new places. Once you know you have the skills to keep yourself safe, you will enjoy a new level of confidence that will empower you to fully explore the world around you without fear.
  • Improves Street Awareness: An enhanced awareness of your surroundings will always come in handy. No person ever plans to have an unfortunate encounter. If you are trained to be present wherever you go, keeping an eye on things around you will become second nature and your chances of being caught unaware will lessen.
  • Social Skills: Most self defence classes are taught in a group setting, allowing you to make new friends and see new people. This benefit can be helpful if you are usually quite introverted. Group self defence classes allow you to develop good social skills. For adults or children, this practice t teaches discipline, respect, and tolerance of others.
  • Fighter’s Reflex: A fighters reflex is different from your other reflexes. Your normal reflexes tell you how to respond to something that has already happened. Your fighter’s reflex tells you how to react to something that is about to happen. With training and hard work, you will be able to predict an attacker’s next move and how to turn that movement into your own counterattack.

If you want to experience the awareness, confidence, and physical improvement provided by martial arts through our self defence classes in Western Sydney, contact us. At Emerald Dragon Martial Arts, we hope you are as excited as we are to get you started on your martial arts journey.