Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu

Getting in shape, learning self defense gaining confidence, and awareness are all immediate benefits of participating in our adult program, while continually learning to apply the underlying philosophy to all aspects of your life is the greatest benefit of them all.


Adults Kung Fu Beginners 4 week trial

Experience authentic Shaolin Kung Fu training. Empowerment for Mind, Body, Spirit.

  • 4 weeks unlimited Adults Kung Fu classes
  • Kung Fu uniform & Kung Fu shoes
  • Introductory 1 on 1 lesson

Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday’s 7 pm to 8.30 pm.

FS19 02 8287 - Adults Kung Fu

The Adults Kung Fu class utilises traditional training methods designed to develop a sound mind and body. This art will enhance all aspects of your life. Physically, you will increase flexibility, coordination, agility, speed, and stamina. Spiritually, students will gain a feeling of self-reliance and self-esteem as they progress through a series of training levels and expand their abilities. The confidence, concentration, and discipline acquired from Shaolin Kung Fu training will carry over into all aspects of life, and foster a general feeling of well-being and achievement.

Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Adults Kung Fu is an authentic Shaolin Kung Fu system direct from the Shaolin Temple. Sifu David Greenland (Shi Xing Ao) is a disciple of Grandmaster Shi De Yang. Grandmaster Shi De Yang has endorsed Emerald Dragon as “A branch of the Shaolin Temple teaching genuine Shaolin Kung Fu”.